Why metal shelves are one of the best storage options for warehouses

February 5, 2020 5:22 pm

Warehouses have certain needs, whether it’s equipment requirements or storage and shelving. Every warehouse has a unique storage requirement so what may work perfectly well at one warehouse may not work for another. Shelving created with warehouses in mind is built to keep up with all of a warehouse’s heavy duty and high density storage needs. Shelving for large scale operations are ideal if it is custom engineered by professionals.

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Industrial metal storage shelves are sturdy and one of the strongest, types of shelving you can get for your warehouse. Metal shelving are designed to be space efficient and can be available in various forms. They can be free-standing or designed into a total system.

Reasons to consider industrial metal shelving units

  • Durability: With the right finish, industrial shelving units made of metal can survive the toughest conditions such as extreme temperatures or wear and tear from forklifts.
  • Custom Design and Engineering: Industrial metal shelving units can be custom developed to meet your needs and budget – no matter the application.
  • Space Efficiency: Industrial metal shelving lets you store up or sideways and have shelves at varying levels depending on the layout and applications in your warehouse.

Types of Industrial Shelving

  1. Open Unit: Perhaps the most basic all-purpose storage option, open units are ideal for easy stocking and retrieval. Comes with side and end sway braces to provide stability thereby making it a great storage option for bulky, boxed, or packaged items.
  2. Closed Units: Closed unit shelving use panels to enclose the backs and sides of the shelving unit, giving greater stability and protection to your inventory. They have a cleaner, finished look and comes with optional post cover plates to conceal post holes.
  3. Bin Units: Looking to have the utmost level of organization? Bin unit shelving is optimal for such application where separation of parts or boxes is necessary. Dividers are adjustable and a wide variety of configurations are available depending on your application.

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For any kind of bulk storage application, metal storage shelves are your ideal solution. WPSS carries a wide array of various industrial shelving types and configurations. Our industrial storage systems can also be custom modified as per your unique storage needs and our quality assurance guarantees that WPSS products can perform in the toughest of applications.
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