Why Redesigning a Warehouse is a Good Idea

April 22, 2019 10:16 pm

Designing the perfect warehouse is the key to success for a company. It allows organization and safety. It can save time and improve productivity. Plus, it allows implementing the right type of industrial shelving, such as boltless shelving, to better handle all of a company’s storage needs.

There are many advantages to choosing boltless steel shelving for a company’s storage solutions. Here are three reasons why redesigning a warehouse with this type of shelving is ideal.

1. Numerous Layout Options
One of the greatest advantages of using boltless industrial shelving is the many layout options. Shelves can be configured so they are functional and work well with a company’s processes and storage needs.

Additionally, this type of shelving can be accessed on all four sides. With this in mind, one can easily create a convenient layout that improves the productivity of all warehouse employees. Plus, if the current layout doesn’t serve the needs of the warehouse, boltless shelving can be disassembled and installed in a different fashion, by the professional installers.

2. Completely Freestanding
There are some types of shelving that require support to stand upright. This makes it difficult to choose certain locations for the shelving and one may be wary about storing certain items on them. With boltless steel shelving, this is not a concern. This type of shelving is completely freestanding. It requires no additional support, allowing the design engineers to design the warehouse according to needs.

3. Durable and Sturdy
When it comes to storing various items, safety must be one of the highest concerns. Not only does one need to prevent stored items from experiencing damage, safety of employees and warehouse workers is critical. Boltless industrial shelving is designed so bolts will not become loose, shelves will not fall, etc., with proper installation by a professional.

When shelving for a warehouse is considered, there are several design options available. At Western Pacific Storage Solutions, there are four beam styles that will handle all capacity requirements. The Low Profile SSLP Beam, for example, is the lowest profile beam available and has a load capacity of up to 2,400 pounds per shelf.  The Long Span SSC Beam is the highest capacity RiveTier beam available. It also has a load capacity of 2,400 pounds per shelf but can be designed to withstand much higher weight limits.

At Western Pacific Storage Solutions, we have the boltless industrial shelving needed to create a well-designed, functional, and safe warehouse. Whether looking for boltless shelving or other storage solutions, Western Pacific covers it all. Contact us today to learn more about our products and for answers to your shelving questions.


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