Why steel shelving is preferred in the food industry

April 11, 2020 10:48 am

A warehouse manufacturing or selling food products must adhere to the health and safety standards set out by the food industry.  The standards for food storage are quite different and more specific compared to other industries. Food industry storage shelving solutions are particularly important to consider since perishable items must be stored properly to avoid spoilage, unlike nonperishable items. Before perishable items can be sold to the public, they have to be kept in a protected environment. A popular storage option for commercial kitchens and warehouses is using shelves, particularly steel storage shelving.

Using Steel in Industrial Warehouses
Warehouses may contain spaces for storing different types of food, such as dry, refrigerated, or frozen storage. Steel storage shelving is a reliable option for warehouses involved in the food industry since it maintains its integrity even in extreme temperatures. For example, steel storage shelving can be used in the frozen food or cold storage areas of a warehouse.Further, as a metal, steel is used for its long-lasting durability, since it will not crack or break easily when storing even the heaviest of items on industrial steel shelving. It’s important to note that warehouses storing food require a higher standard of care and should be inspected regularly for damage that could compromise food safety.

Using Steel in Commercial Kitchens
Steel is commonly used in commercial kitchens because it is non-porous, meaning undesirable substances do not seep through or stick to it. It’s a preferred material for using alongside food because it prevents the threat of contamination more than other metals or materials. Steel is also less likely to absorb bacteria and is an easy material to clean which is important for hygiene in kitchen areas. Further, industrial steel shelving is a popular option in industrial kitchens due to the coating that is more durable and less prone to scratching. While industrial steel shelving is a good start to a cleaner kitchen space, a kitchen must still be regularly inspected for cleanliness, such as for insects or rodents.

By utilizing steel properly, a warehouse or kitchen can be deemed food-grade ready. Western Pacific Storage Solutions can help warehouses or industrial kitchens with industrial steel shelving for storing food items. View their website to find out more about their storage shelving solutions for industrial spaces in the food industry.

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