Work Platform or Mezzanine Storage Systems and Distribution Centers

June 30, 2018 9:18 pm

When a company is looking to add more storage to their warehouse without adding expensive construction costs, they may want to consider getting work platform (mezzanine) storage systems. These free-standing steel structures can add a lot of flexibility to an operation.

Why incorporate a Work Platform, sometimes called a Mezzanine Platform?
If you have a large warehouse space that has a lot of open area above the storage floor, then adding work platforms or storage mezzanine platforms is a great way to utilize that unused space between the floor and ceiling. You won’t have to expand the footprint of your building to accomplish this goal, but you’ll get a lot more space to store your products. It doesn’t take long to outgrow a facility—and it’s a good problem to have. It means your business is succeeding and you need to expand to accommodate that growth. Looking for a new place to move can be incredibly tough. If you’ve been in your location for a long time, moving might not be a solution. Customers know where you are and can find you with ease, so keep your warehouse where it is and make better use of what you already have.

Other Uses
In addition to creating extra storage, you can also use work platforms or industrial mezzanines as a safety barrier over dangerous industrial items. Keep employees and visitors safe by having a space where they can walk over machines or away from materials that can be harmful. Again, this is an inexpensive way to keep everyone in the area protected. Utilizing every square inch of a warehouse can be incredibly beneficial, and it may include building upward instead of building outward. Finding a solution that can reduce the amount of money you spend and keep employees safe is worth the time and effort.

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