WPSS’ Accu-Wall enhance dealer’s support of their ecommerce customers’ order fulfillment

February 22, 2023 1:39 pm

industrial shelving systemsA dealer specializing in material handling and supplies for order fulfillment processes has been bulking up its reserves of industrial shelving that can be integrated with Pick-to-Light and Put-to-Light systems.

They had a mandate to grow their offering of industrial shelving systems compatible with these automated sortation technologies.

Western Pacific’s Accu-Wall (https://www.wpss.com/accu-wall/) shelving systems have the capacity to be flexibly utilized in a number of order fulfillment and sortation systems.

    • The dealer’s first Accu-Wall system is integrated into a units rotation system consisting of 5’x8’ shelving for an assembly process. This unit is one of 50 or 60 components that make up the electronic put wall for the order fulfillment sortation system.
    • The second Accu-Wall product is configured into a large continuous wall and is similarly used for an assembly system. For this, the dealer was specifically looking for equipment that could be configured into different sizes and dimensions.  Accu-Wall’s adjustable length, width, and height offered this flexibility in dimension, as well as
      strong load-bearing capacities.

In an additional benefit, Western Pacific’s customizable colors allowed the dealer to obtain light-colored shelving that provides an extra luminescence for the Put-To-Light sub-assemblies, enabling more reflective light-enhancing properties.

This dealer is pleased with how WPSS’ Accu-Wall products allow them to meet requirements for their customers’ diverse ecommerce applications.



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