WPSS addresses workforce knowledge-transfer in the Material Handling Industry

Sales TrainingAs the unemployment rates remain resolutely high, the material handling sector faces a paradox: hundreds of thousands of material handling jobs are unoccupied.

In addition, as Baby Boomers begin to settle into retirement, so too does their industry knowledge. And the global pandemic with its supply chain bottlenecks haven’t helped; managers in material handling are finding it increasingly difficult to find skilled workers to fill positions. The knowledge base of the older generation needs to be passed along.

In conversation with our 400+ distributor base, Western Pacific can confirm the ubiquity of this issue across the Material Handling Industry.

WPSS would like to help spread material handling literacy, so that together we can sustain the industry and help close the knowledge gap. This is why WPSS has doubled our commitment to train incoming generations of workers on how to sell industrial shelving, work platforms, SureSTEP stairs, catwalk, shelving pick-mod and multi-level systems for our suppliers around the country.

Our highly trained professional sales team stands ready to assist. Reach out to your regional representative and we will be happy to help you ease the process of bringing your new employees up to speed. Together, we can do our part in revitalizing the Material Handling workforce — and keeping our economy afloat.


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