WPSS.com provides a virtual tour of all product lines

July 8, 2020 9:09 am

This could fast-become one of your favorite sales tools with end-users.  Each photo enlarges when you click on it.  Use it to talk about your ideas, their ideas and use it to make sales!

  1. Storage Systems SlidesRiveTier: endless boltless storage flexibility -These photos feature multilevel systems (often paired with catwalk aisles and SureStep stairs) along with high-capacity engineered, mobile aisle and open shelving/extended post solutions in front and back room retail/ fulfillment/industrial/archival storage applications.
  2. Deluxe: heavy duty industrial shelving – projects captured in this gallery include seismically engineered tall systems, high-rise post, multilevel and split systems, among other advanced applications.
  3.  Pacific: classic, cost-effective and versatile industrial and steel shelving systems – Ten images featuring double deck systems, open file shelving with grated catwalks, embedded conduit for lighting, powder coated finishes, beaded post, interchangeable components for open/closed shelving units.
  4.  Industrial Structures: two-level work mezzanine platform storage systems and industrial mezzanines to optimize your warehouse or industrial space,  engineered to meet all regional seismic and impact-resistance requirements.  These images include work platforms (mezzanines) with structural columns; two-level DC stair tower; high tensile galvanized frame work platform (mezzanine); and platform with structure to support conveyor, among other highly engineered systems.
  5. SureSTEP: creating a safe working environment with well-engineered steel stairs, gates and railings – an array of applications that include staircases in a Pick Mod configuration, access to second level work platform (mezzanine), custom designed to fit tight quarters, access additional storage;  galvanized finish; safety swing gates; movable stairways and public-access-mandated safety hand-rails.



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