WPSS How to Utilize Work Platforms to the Fullest Extent?

July 13, 2020 10:21 am

It is extremely common for business owners who work in or own a distribution center to ultimately get to a place where they simply begin to run out of space. For that reason, Western Pacific Storage Solutions offers an assortment of work platforms (mezzanines) that are not only financially savvy, but also a straightforward solution for space management issues. The following article is going to talk about several tips and tricks for utilizing our work platforms (mezzanines), sometimes referred to as a mezzanine platform, to the best of its abilities. In order to get the most out of this stockroom product, continue reading.

What is a mezzanine and how is it used?
A storage work platform, erroneously called a storage mezzanine platform, is an intermediate floor between levels of a structure that is utilized for expanding the floor region of the structure without adding on to the actual structure. It tends to be utilized for a variety of different applications such as storage, operations, hardware access, stock rack access, and conveyor access.

Adding work platforms (mezzanine platforms) to your stockroom is a popular, compelling solution to increase space by utilizing the unfilled area above you without sacrificing space beneath your floor. By doing so, you can effectively double the amount of additional space you have now. These industrial work platform systems, or industrial Mezzanine systems, cost less than 30 percent of what a new building would.

How to maximize the benefits of work platforms (mezzanines)
As previously mentioned, the main benefit of work platforms is the added storage space within a warehouse. However, there are plenty more benefits to reap from these work platforms (mezzanines). For instance, metal shelving and other capacity units can go on the work platform to exploit the unused space.

Need a work platform engineered?
Western Pacific Storage Solutions offers two kinds of work platform storage systems depending upon the application. This includes: hybrid and structural. The Hybrid uses formed-galvanized beams with square-structural columns. The Structural uses structural columns, beams, struts and joists. In the event that loading requirements surpass Hybrid, the Structural Work Platform is suggested. If there is a warehouse that would benefit from a metal industrial shelving, contact Western Pacific Storage Solutions and we can help you get started.


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