WPSS is celebrating its 24th year manufacturing platforms (mezzanines)!

March 16, 2022 4:26 pm

WPSS CEO Tom RogersThe company is so well known for its 30+ years of manufactured shelving brands, that some mezzanine buyers are less aware of WPSS platforms, now branded SureSTEP.

So, on this occasion, we want to shine a light on our super experienced in-house engineering team—solely dedicated to engineering platforms (mezzanines).  Their experience and knowledge to address storage solutions is unrivaled.  WPSS platforms can be found everywhere serving manufacturing and distribution centers.

Having engineered multi-level storage systems for over two decades, they are super dedicated and enthusiastic about their work.  WPSS' Engineering director says, “We use a combination of 3D modeling and WPSS celebrating 24th Anniversary
structural analysis programs as well as in house, proprietary tools to design our platforms.”  WPSS' Engineering director goes on to say, “These are bespoke platforms; they are customized to your application taking into consideration its specific loads, deflection criteria, and seismic requirements.”  One size definitely does not fit all.  You receive the ultimate in custom and LEAN design at WPSS.

Engineering PlatformsYou can trust WPSS.  You can trust our team.  You can trust our tools and our engineering wisdom.  If you have any seismic activity, you know a WPSS platform (mezzanine) is going to hold.  I invite you to see us at MHEDA—come to booth 80.

–Tom Rogers


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