WPSS’ Kentucky location expands its manufacturing capacity to enable lower-cost shipping to Eastern U.S.

Kentucky Location MapWith WPSS’ commitment to the material handling and supply chain industry and its evolving technologies, we have increased manufacturing capacity at our Kentucky facility to include the production of our SureSTEP-branded work platform (mezzanine) and Accu-Wall shelving. This way, our valued customers around the U.S. can more easily (and affordably) integrate Western Pacific’s Accu-Wall shelving system into their warehouse or order fulfillment centers as well as work platforms (mezzanines).

Western Pacific made this investment to make sure the latest material handling solutions are readily available to its customers.

WPSS Accu-Wall shelving, which comes in both mobile and non-mobile configurations, has already helped numerous material handling professionals utilize the power of light-directed technologies to add greater efficiency and accuracy to their eCommerce operations. WPSS’ recent shelving line was designed to seamlessly integrate with pick-to-light and put-to-light technologies (manufactured by others).

As a preferred and trusted resource for industrial shelving, work platforms (mezzanines), stairs, gates and crossover bridges — WPSS can now offer this Eastern U.S. freight advantage.

We look forward to further expansion, and our growing partnerships with distributors and integrators across the nation. Let us know how we can help in your next project.

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