WPSS new website photo gallery is valuable Sales Tool

May 24, 2020 2:34 am

photo galleryWe all know that pictures are frequently worth a thousand words.

Therefore, Western Pacific’s new website Photo Gallery has a user friendly look designed to give dealers, distributors and integrators a sales tool that they in turn, can use with their end-user customers.

As a keen-eyed glimpse into WPSS product lines in multiple settings, this curated collection features Western’s most advanced engineered storage installations to date:

Visit https://www.wpss.com/photo-gallery/. There, you’ll find separate viewing portals for Western Pacific’s four product lines: RiveTier, Deluxe, Pacific and SureStep.

Each product gallery has scroll-through functionality, with descriptive captions of specific features and applications on every shot.

This could fast-become one of your favorite sales tools with end-users.  Each photo enlarges when you click on it.  Use it to talk about your ideas, their ideas and use it to make sales!


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