WPSS Shelving Pick Mods and multi-level shelving systems – find new space in your warehouse

March 25, 2022 3:53 pm

Wpss Eblast E-commerceWhen warehouses and distribution centers face chronic cramping, expanding the building’s footprint makes sense.  But there is an alternative that can save 30% or more in construction costs.

Shelving Pick Mods –multi-level engineered structures –can provide sound storage solutions for movement of high volume products.

For smaller boxed items, a Shelving Pick Mod or multi-level shelving system, can enhance product flow operations.  Shelving Pick Mods or multi-level shelving systems can bring potentially thousands of square feet more in savings to the interior of a picking / packing operation.

The Shelving Pick Mod is an engineered system that can integrate with Pallet Flow, Conveyors, Push Backs in multi-level configurations—up to four levels high.  Each level behaves as its own fulfillment center.  From east to west, WPSS Shelving Pick Mods and multi-level shelving systems are now serving food, e-commerce, pharma, automotive and grocery operations.

Western Pacific has two manufacturing locations in Kentucky and California. Celebrating 24 years in multi-level engineering, You can trust WPSS.  You can trust our team.  You can trust our tools and our engineering wisdom.  If you have any seismic activity, you can rely upon WPSS multi-level systems.

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