WPSS Shelving Pick Mods help pick and pack systems reach new levels of efficiency, safety, and accuracy.

Accu-wall ShelvingWithout the right storage medium to fit the product mix of pick and pack systems, distribution centers and warehouses will likely face major setbacks from space inefficiencies, poor inventory management, impaired workflows, and hazardous workspace conditions — with the potential to greatly undermine the business’ reputation and revenue flow.

To remedy the negative effects of cramped inventory, some opt to expand their building footprint. Yet, this option is costly and doesn’t solve the deeper organizational issue at hand.

WPSS Shelving Pick Mods or multi-level shelving systems offer a more efficient solution.

By utilizing the existing overhead square footage, while creating systematic shelving to cohere with your unique product mix, these WPSS Shelving Pick Mods can help you reach new levels of efficiency, safety, and accuracy in your pick and pack workflow.

WPSS Shelving Pick Mods can be made into multilevel configurations, up to four levels high, with each level functioning as its own fulfillment center. These multitiered units are made to integrate with Pallet Flow, Conveyors, and Push Backs, to optimize the flow of material movement and enhance inventory management. And with WPSS’ reliable safety features, employee security is best ensured.

Whether you need to upgrade your e-commerce, Pharma, grocery, or food service operations — WPSS Shelving Pick Mods are customizable solutions that can help any warehouse or distribution center maximize their usable square footage and optimize their organizational game. Read more about key considerations in this case study.

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