WPSS SureSTEP product line of stairs, platforms, rails and gates now covers the entire continent

December 19, 2022 3:09 pm

Los Angeles, December, 2022 – Just three years ago, Western Pacific Storage Solutions (WPSS) introduced its new line of steel stairs, platforms, gates and railings to the material handling world, and branded them as SureSTEP.

Responding to the ever-mounting demand of warehouses and global supply chain managers in centers of ecommerce, healthcare, entertainment, manufacturing, logistics, retail and many others, WPSS SureSTEP products now cover the continent, arriving from two FOB points (California and Kentucky).

WPSS SureSTEP product line of stairs

  1. SureSTEP platforms (mezzanines) can be designed to meet your application.
  2. The standard 36” wide IBC Compliant SureSTEP stair is offered in two standard widths. The stair tower interfaces with WPSS multi-level pick modules and pallet rack pick modules.  Other stair sizes are available.
  3. SureSTEP guard rails contain a post and sleeve system with posts welded to baseplates.
  4. SureSTEP gates are available in 4 widths. Custom sizes and powder-coated colors are also available.  SureSTEP gates are designed to open and close without risking safety. When in a closed position, gates can be designed to act as a guard rail.

Western Pacific’s SureSTEP products are enabling multi-level distribution centers and warehouses to experience financial savings by considering levels of storage above the open (dead) space that currently exists within most 40’ tall warehouse facilities.

Code Requirements are supported in every state or province
The SureSTEP suite of stairs, adheres to the international code (IBC), as well as the codes of the specific state or province where the system is installed.

  1. With stairs meeting all IBC codes, custom design kickplates, labor-saving flashing and a variety of gates, storage space has moved “UP” into the 40’ tall spaces. Owners stop looking for new land, or for a new building or any of the challenges that come with moving their businesses.  Now material handling industry managers have another option – to “stay put” and optimize the VERTICAL AIR space above them.

One last thing, WPSS’ SureSTEP platforms, stairs, gates and railing products address safety issues, meet codes, but are less expensive than available options being engineered for both safety and value.

Over the past thirty-plus years, Western Pacific Storage Solutions (www.WPSS.com) has experienced steady growth as a trusted supplier of industrial shelving and work platforms (mezzanines) to some of the world’s largest corporations. The company’s national operations in California and Kentucky, include manufacturing plants, as well as well-stocked distribution centers.

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