WPSS- The Preferred Solution for Warehouse Space Utilization

August 12, 2019 8:23 pm

One may be tasked with setting up a warehouse or distribution center or seeking storage solutions that could improve a facility already in operation. Whether it’s a new project or a warehouse redesign, having the right storage equipment is crucial for the facility’s success. There are plenty of shelving providers on the market today. So, what makes Western Pacific Storage Solutions(WPSS) stand out?

Western Pacific Storage Solutions offer some of the best heavy duty shelving systems on the market today with their Deluxe brand. All WPSS products are made of quality materials and are designed to last. In fact, WPSS shelving systems are so effective, many industry professionals consider WPSS Deluxe box shelving the gold standard of heavy duty sheving But, why is WPSS  heavy duty steel shelving so highly regarded and so often specified by industrial facility architects and engineers?

Amazing Versatility
WPSS Deluxe shelving systems can be installed in any configuration. With the help of WPSS’ engineering team, one can solve any storage problem one may encounter with shelving units that optimize spaces of every kind. WPSS heavy duty industrial shelving can be fitted for any space from small store stockrooms to behemoth-sized warehouses.

Although the name may suggest otherwise, heavy duty shelving is highly versatile and adaptable. When a business grows and requires more storage space, heavy duty shelving units such as Deluxe by WPSS can be easily put together by a professional installer and work with existing storage one may already have in place. No more square footage? No problem. One can install nine-foot shelving and add multi-level systems vertically, as needed.

Guaranteed Support
WPSS heavy duty shelving is constructed with heavy gauge steel for maximum weight load capacity. Deluxe shelves are also desirable for their high-density capabilities — one can fill each individual shelving unit, so they are an ideal shelving solution for compact areas like offices or tool sheds. Because of their heavy-gauge steel construction, Deluxe shelving is highly stable, engineered to keep products in place, even is areas subject to seismic activities – another feature that distinguishes this product.

One can order heavy duty steel shelving in any form that best suits one’s operational needs. Open units are the most popular choice among warehouse operators because of their versatility. At the customer’s request, installers can change shelf heights and positions, without compromising stability or load capacity.

Closed units are also available, if one requires a shelving applicationn for a store or showroom. These shelves offer back and side paneling, and an open front. Closed unit shelving provides a clean look and adds a modern aesthetic to any store or office space.

For the multi-level warehouse, there are multi-level systems. WPSS offers safe, stable storage systems that can be engineered up to four levels. These can be customized with features that include stairs, handrails, flooring, and even lighting — to achieve the optimum warehouse.

Western Pacific Storage Systems can provide you with state-of-the-art shelving at affordable prices. Are you interested in creating an efficient space that meets all the needs of your business? Contact us today.

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