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rivetier shelving
Rivetier Boltless Shelving

pacific shelving
Pacific Metal Shelving

Deluxe Metal Shelving
Deluxe Metal Shelving

Industrial Structures Shelving
Industrial Structures



For more than 30 years, Western Pacific Storage Systems has experienced the long-term growth that now firmly establishes the company as both trusted supplier and trusted advisor to some of the world’s largest corporations. From our beginnings as a regional California operation to our present organization with two manufacturing plants and three well-stocked distribution centers, we have been customer driven.

This year we have repositioned the company to better reflect this ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction. This commitment is reflected in our recent name change from Western Pacific Storage Systems to Western Pacific Storage Solutions. We believe this focus on providing customer solutions reflects the importance we place on going that ‚”extra mile‚” to meet and exceed each of our customers expectations.

Our product offerings have expanded from RiveTier, the original boltless shelving and Pacific, the industrial-strength metal shelving, to QuikPik carton flow rack in 1988, Industrial Structures mezzanine systems in 1998 and Deluxe shelving in 1999.


Today we continue to grow our company with the single purpose of, “Serving The Smartest Links in the Supply Chain(sm).‚” Simply stated, this means that we are dedicated to serving the ever-growing needs and demands of the leading innovators in global supply chain management with the highest level of products and services possible.


Through the adoption of Lean manufacturing procedures Western Pacific mandates the highest quality standards, levels of productivity and continuous improvement throughout our organization. As a result of state of art facilities and the application of best practices in manufacturing, WPSS has built a reputation as well as a capacity for large and complex assignments.


For more than 30 years WPSS products have had to meet the most stringent seismic regulations in the nation. This nets out to rock-solid engineering supported by fully realized CAD capabilities, cross functional development teams and the highest level of custom design and engineering support available.


From the time a job is clocked in until the moment it is accepted for delivery by the customer, our expert production and traffic managers facilitate every step along the way. Protective packaging and reputable carriers along with descriptive stickers for accurate visual identification are only a few of the many steps Western Pacific takes to assure your total satisfaction.