Things to Know Before Breaking Ground on a New Distribution Center

Posted On: February 18, 2018

Forming a distribution center (DC) is a big deal. There are many important things to consider before committing yourself however. For example, make absolutely sure you have executive buy-in. You need to be positive everyone is on board before proceeding, or else the process will take even longer. Then, there is making sure that everyone is on the same wavelength. Everyone needs to agree—not just the facility design team, but the people of operations, finance, IT, and so on. Collaboration is essential to create the best possible outcome. Some people know things you don’t, and you know some things others

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8 Advantages for E-Commerce Companies Outsourcing Their Logistics

Posted On: January 9, 2018

As your e-commerce company grows, it could be advantageous to outsource certain elements of your logistics, using third-party logistics services providers (3PLs). This allows companies to be flexible at a time when the scale of their logistical requirements is likely to fluctuate quickly. That’s not the only advantage either. Here are 8 potential benefits for e-commerce company owners teaming with a 3PL. 1. Scale operations quickly and efficiently A 3PL allows you to scale logistical operations as the market fluctuates without having to invest heavily in new infrastructure. In an industry when future prosperity can rarely be guaranteed, this is

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Neglected Backroom Space is Costing Retailers

Posted On: September 1, 2017

Retailers are shooting themselves in the foot by failing to optimize the design of their backroom space. Many retailers pay little to no attention to the optimal size and shape of their backroom space and it’s costing them more revenue than they might expect. If your backroom space is too small, it’s likely you’ll experience more cases of stock supply not meeting customer demand, costing you sales. On the other hand if you have too much spare stock in an oversized backroom, you could end up counting the cost of wasted stock, particularly if you’re storing perishable items. The increased

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5 Expert Suggestions For Optimizing Spare Parts Management

Posted On: June 8, 2016

1. Plan ahead for replacement of mission-critical parts Identification of mission critical parts that need replacing can sometimes feel like a plate-spinning exercise with no formula or strategy applied to it. However, by sticking with tried-and-tested practices, such as the stocking of parts that are replaced regularly and referrals to prior purchase reports, parts managers have a solid chance at being able to replace mission-critical parts quickly and efficiently. Keeping a clean inventory system using industrial storage shelving makes taking stock and seeing supply levels easy. If this is done regularly, parts managers can gain the experience that makes it easier

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How Our Products Can Help You

Posted On: January 15, 2016

For the past 30-plus years, Western Pacific Storage Solutions (WPSS), formerly known as Western Pacific Storage Systems, has been a premier provider of quality shelving, mezzanine (work platform) systems, industrial structures solutions, and record and file storage. Top-Rated Solutions  RiveTier Solutions – With a unique boltless design, RiveTier Solutions assembles in just minutes. In addition to saving time, you will spend roughly 40 percent less money compared to shelving that uses bolts. With six distinct unit types, there is a solution for every need.  Long Span Shelving – Long Span is ideal when you need tough, high-capacity shelving. Functional, strong,

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How Micro-Warehouses Will Change The Consumer Landscape

Posted On: July 12, 2015

If you thought the idea of portable, scalable micro-warehouses was a thing of the future, then you are in for a pleasant surprise. Shotput, a San Francisco based startup is seeking to change the warehouse storage space industry for good. Seeking to fulfill a need in fast-growing e-commerce companies that would appreciate a less investment-heavy alternative to the traditional industrial storage model, Shotput is one such company whose ambition is to change warehouse shelving process in its entirety. Coming in the form of large shipping containers, these micro-warehouses have pressure-sensitive shelves with radio frequency identification that helps monitor inventory in

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Drones Promise to Shakeup Logistical Operations Methods in Warehouses

Posted On: June 12, 2015

In recent years, drones have been used to automate many industries.  From package delivery to recreation, the applications are endless. Some companies have been taking it a step further with automated drones in their distribution centers as well – an innovation that is bringing about impressive results. Most of the media attention that has circulated concerning the use of drones generally revolves around their application as a delivery agent threatening the livelihoods of countless couriers across the nation. Amazon Prime recently delivered a bottle of sunscreen to an Amazon conference in Palm Springs, with UPS and Google following suit with

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Lessons Learned from Platform (Mezzanine) Installations

Posted On: May 13, 2015

Providing Fast-Turnaround Workspace and Inventory Solutions When it comes to reaping the benefits of a new work platform (mezzanine), the key to keeping Murphy’s Law at bay is good planning and anticipation. But, for many platform (mezzanine) projects, lessons have been learned the hard way: Design integration is not given enough careful consideration (ex: base plate orientation, span not correlating with existing wall or column locations. Column bearing surfaces are of unequal height  Not enough contingency time is built into the construction time-line Life Safety and OSHAC considerations aren’t thoroughly addressed. When a large material handling system is planned for

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Choosing the Right Type of Industrial Shelving Systems

Posted On: April 14, 2015

Although there are many differences in how various warehouses operate, one dynamic shared by all is the use of industrial shelving systems. Whether used strictly for storage or inventory being prepared for shipment, it is important to choose the right type of system. By doing so, warehouses run more efficiently, production increases, and safety improves. •  Special Considerations When looking at different industrial shelving systems, you want to consider several factors. With good planning, you will save time and money in both the short and long term. •  Internal Business Operations– Whether you require standard or heavy-duty steel shelving, start by

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CASE STUDY: OʼReilly Auto Parts

Posted On: March 13, 2015

Requirement: Seismically sound multi-level shelving engineered to hold hazardous materials Participants: Western Pacific Storage Solutions & Fortna Partner on DC When Missouri-based O’Reilly Auto Parts purchased CSK Automotive, the merger of the two companies presented O’Reilly with a number of distribution-related strategic and tactical challenges. Not the least of these challenges was the need to remodel select facilities to meet O’Reilly’s business model, and to construct new distribution centers to support the growing O’Reilly organization. To handle the integration, O’Reilly partnered with distribution experts, Fortna, who in turn, selected Western Pacific Storage Solutions ( from an array of leading shelving

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