Customer Testimonials

Thank you for assisting us with our recent catwalk storage system at the Southern California distribution center. We appreciate the custom design and engineering support. Western Pacific did an outstanding job managing the project, and the logistics of materials. Shipping in multiple phases was an excellent solution that enabled our customer to expand their storage space, without interrupting their daily operations or throughput.

We look forward to working on the next project with WPSS.

Josh Elgan
Project Manager
Conveyor & Storage Solutions

Purchasing Review – Global Equipment Company

Dear Vendor,
As you know customers expect on-time delivery. It’s also true that shipping on-time is less costly for you and Global. It decreases unnecessary follow-up and customer service calls while opening the door to repeat orders. We want to share some of the variables that we are tracking to identify problems and increase service levels.

Please review this monthly report of orders placed with your company.
Total # of Orders Shipped On Time: 3 (100%)
Total # of Orders Shipped Late: 0 (0%)
Total # of Orders YTD: 9

Global Industrial

Once again your customer service people have gone above and beyond to make things happen for me, and in turn, make me (and WPSS) look good to my customer.

Oakley contacted me late last night with a shelving requirement for a temporary retail store in Manhattan. I contacted Margaurite first thing this morning about the requirement and Sue handled it in her absence. Sue & the crew in Kentucky were able to get the order out today and we will meet Oakley’s Tuesday delivery requirements.

I just wanted to let you know your customer service people are fantastic and that we truly appreciate their efforts to always help us – they are a huge reason we continue to do business with WPSS.

Thank you,
Tim Free
Granite Distribution Solutions, Inc

Thanks so much for expediting our shelving. The industrial look of RiveTier is a perfect fit for a creative organization in Los Angeles. It makes a bold statement in every office. We’re using it in the reception area, executive offices and wall-to-wall in the storeroom. It’s so nice to get rid of our old piecemeal parts and finally upgrade to a better quality system. We had an earthquake last week and nothing moved!

I know your team went beyond to get this to us during the holiday. 

We can’t thank you enough for the great service.

Angela Glenn
The Institute for Advanced Practices in Advertising

Just want to let you know that all the work that you folks put into the design and re-designs of our U.S. Post Office mezzanine really paid off. The dimensions were perfect and everything fit together like a precision Swiss watch; our customer was very satisfied and amazed how smoothly the job went. In fact, our employees who worked to install the mezzanine were very proud of their work due to how smoothly everything fell into place when considering the limited space they had to work in and the fact that this mezzanine was built around a 12’ x12’ column in the middle of the room and several other restricting factors.

Thank you again for all the work that you and the Western Pacific Mezzanine team put into this one. It’s much appreciated.Please make sure that Mike Crane knows how satisfied everyone was with this project and how much we appreciated the part that he played in helping to make this project successful.

Dan De Soto
Sales Consultant
Commercial Shelving, Inc.

As for the project out in Irvine, CA, the material looked great, and the delivery was perfect. The install went smoothly and without a hitch. Thanks again for the quick response and the excellent delivery (2 weeks!) on this project. You helped us look great.

Thanks again,
Marco A. Garcia
Warehouse Equipment, Inc.

Upon learning the scale of this project, we contacted Western Pacific as we knew that you would be able to manufacture all the components required including RiveTier shelving, RiveTier battery racks, SureSTEP mezzanines, Pacific pallet rack, and the engineering services available to provide the planning, engineering, and seismic calculations required for the permit process.

Due to the success of this project we have had referrals and have installed several similar projects incorporating Rivetier catwalk systems and SureSTEP mezzanines.

Thank you,
John Garwood
Operations Manager
Casco Equipment Corporation

First, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to come down to Crown Lift Trucks and discuss the Western Pacific product line. I know a lot of our salesmen (new and “seasoned”) found it very informative. I learned a few things myself about the mezzanine applications and what to look for.

In addition, I wanted to take a moment during this email to let you know that we are very pleased to work with Denise in your Customer Service office. She has always been such a pleasant voice to talk to and has always responded to any of our needs for pricing and information in a timely manner. It always helps, especially during a customer crunch situation, to talk to a knowledgeable person who is always there to help. Maybe during your next trip out, you can bring her along with you so we can meet her in person.

Again, thank you and Denise for representing such a great company with a fine product line. We look forward to many more opportunities to partner with Western Pacific Storage Systems.

Laura Lopez
Material Handling Coordinator, Ontario Distribution Center
Crown Lift Trucks

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I really appreciate the EXCELLENT service I receive from all of the Customer Service Department, especially my primary contacts Denise Russo & Maria Macias. They never fail to help me out and always go the extra mile to make things happen for me.

Many thanks!
Granite Distribution Solutions, Inc.

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate how hard you and your team work to get our orders pulled and shipped in a timely manner. I also wish to say a special “thank you” to Roberto Gonzales for going the extra mile by staying late on a Friday afternoon to load a truck that had arrived after hours. The product had to be in San Francisco by the following Monday morning to meet our installation crew. Roberto saved the project, and our reputation, with his considerate action.

Thank you again. We consider everyone at Western Pacific Storage Systems an extension of Jacmar Shelving, and we couldn’t do our job well without you.

Leslie A. Equitz
Vice President,
Jacmar Shelving, Inc.

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