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We work hard every day

  • to make Western Pacific the most preferred and trusted resource for material handling products.
  • and to be the partner of choice for creative, innovative storage solutions.

“How May We Amaze You Today?”

“How can we amaze our customers? How can we refine our processes? How can we support our clients and partner in their success? These are the questions we ask ourselves on a daily basis. Utilizing Lean Principles helps keep us focused on the big picture, not the low-hanging fruit. It’s about creating maximum value for all of our customers, large and small.” – Tom Rogers, President, and CEO

Lean ManufacturingFor over thirty years, a remarkably diverse range of integrators and dealers/distributors have turned to Western Pacific Storage Solutions ( for smartly engineered industrial shelving systems and work platforms (mezzanines). Their end-user list is impressive: Boeing, Brooks Brothers, the Academy of Motion Pictures, Harley-Davidson, the U.S. Army, and the American Red Cross just to name a few.

WPSS is well-known for ‘serving the smartest links in the supply chain.’ But how does the company continueto maintain superior quality in a challenging economy? How does it distinguish itself from the competition? How does it add value while serving its growing network of customers, all having highly complex business environments – and all of them needing to meet tight deadlines?

The answer is, in part, by optimizing its flow of products and services across all value streams by implementing the Lean manufacturing principles and values that have helped companies like Toyota establish and maintain solid positions in their market hierarchies. In general, Lean manufacturing is an empowered way of thinking, including such commandments as “Abandon fixed ideas”. Lean thinking emphasizes agility. It encourages the use of a range of tools and techniques that help companies eliminate waste, find cost-effective solutions, improve processes, and perhaps most importantly, strengthen the customer-supplier connection.

Tom Rogers went on to say, “At WPSS, we have to think creatively, and act strategically, so utilizing Lean manufacturing principles is a way of life for us; it’s not some ‘continuous improvement’ fad du jour. Lean principles are woven into the fabric of what we do every day. It’s an organic process that inspires innovation and creates value for our customers.”

All this creative strategizing is working for WPSS. Dozens of high-profile customers attest to the superiority of their product lines, the responsiveness of their customer service teams, the attention to detail, and the value-added extras that comprise the WPSS way of doing business.

Every day in California and Kentucky, WPSS employees encounter these Ten Commandments of Lean wherever they go within the plants and offices; they are talked about on an ongoing basis:

  • Abandon fixed ideas
  • Think of ways to make it possible
  • No excuses needed
  • Go for the simple solution, not the perfect
  • Correct mistakes right away
  • Use your wits, not your wallet
  • Problems are opportunities
  • Repeat “Why” five times
  • Seek ideas from many people
  • There is no end to improvement

About WPSS for over thirty years, Western Pacific Storage Solutions ( has established itself as a premier supplier and manufacturer of industrial shelving and work platforms (mezzanines) to some of the world’s largest corporations. The company’s operations in California and Kentucky include two state-of-the-art manufacturing plants, and two strategically-located distribution centers.

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