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Infrastructure for the automated warehouse

Warehousing evolution is taking place – from traditional warehouses with pallet racks and wide aisles that store bulk pallets typically delivered to dept. stores and malls (retail environment).  We’ve evolved into the world of ecommerce – and you find yourself storing in a different format.  From a bulk pallet pick to a split case or an “each pick”, small, tiny, light.

With that said, the infrastructure, the storage media — has to change.

 With our products, WPSS completes or leverages the opportunities that automation creates. 

Automated Order Picking Systems

WPSS’ ideal warehouse layout shows how WPSS products can help your space increase its capacity:

  1. RiveTrN shelving, sitting atop your AMRs, delivers products to AccuWall.  Accu-wall ensures optimized throughput and heightened accuracy for diverse electronic put-wall configurations.
  2. With your pick to voice or pick to light technology, AccuWall can be tailored to a variety of order fulfillment sortation requirements.  Dimensions of height, width and length are flexible.
  3. Backing-up AccuWall, you have multilevel Deluxe or RiveTier and platforms (mezzanines)

WPSS Deluxe and RiveTier storage solutions cater to narrow aisles and deckovers, seamlessly integrating with automated order fulfillment systems. Engineered for robust load-bearing capabilities and reconfiguration, both lines can be adapted to evolving merchandise SKUs. RiveTier, with its absence of sway or cross-bracing, offers unimpeded access from all sides, facilitating streamlined automation processes. Meanwhile, Deluxe solutions leverage overhead space efficiently, accommodating up to four levels of shelving and offering configurations for various storage needs, from each picks to pallet racking.

Western Pacific SureSTEP work platforms have proven invaluable in various automated settings. Their distinctive long spans provide ample unobstructed ground space, ideal for accommodating machinery and additional storage. These platforms offer impressive load-bearing capacities and design flexibility, making them well-suited for housing conveyor parts in automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS).

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All WPSS products take advantage of vertical space.

Our products support narrow aisles, low and high storage, we have various products (high bay, AMRs, put walls, Accu-Wall, stairs, 2-level) to fit in your building enabling smaller, higher, low volume, each picks.

ROI of Warehouse Robotics:  Unlocking the long-term value

The future of warehousing is robotics, and the ROI potential is substantial.  Calculating ROI is essential. By analyzing initial costs against long-term benefits, it is easy to see that the ROI of warehouse robotics will consistently exceed expectations.

Labor costs are a significant portion of any warehousing operation.  With Robotics, labor costs decrease over time as repetitive tasks are automated, resulting in significant savings. As we move toward a generation of persons to goods; we have now entered the warehouse of the future, based on goods to persons.





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