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Infrastructure Overview

Infrastructure for the automated warehouse

WPSS contributions to Storage & Retrieval infrastructure for the automated warehouse:

  • RiveTrN AMR shelving
  • RiveTier boltless shelving
  • Deluxe box edge shelving
  • Conveyor platforms
  • Accu-Wall for put wall


RiveTrN shelving for the automated warehouse is designed to fit upon an Automated Mobile Robot (AMR) and comes in a variety of sizes to fit your AMR.







RiveTier four-sided access: Four beam styles to accommodate every storage situation. No sway or cross bracing means employees have four-side access to product.









Deluxe box edge shelving keeps an eCommerce entity organized and easily accessible by reconfiguring for changing merchandise SKUs.








Conveyor platforms: Advance automation efficiency by elevating picking stations, supporting ASRS, optimizing the existing building cube






Accu-Wall integrates with any put-to-light or pick-to-light system you may obtain from those who manufacture light-directed technology.  Accu-Wall is all about speed and accuracy in eCommerce.







With these concepts and products, WPSS can be your partner in redefining warehouse space.  You will have more space than you’ve ever had in the past.

Example #1 of WPSS completing or leverage an automation opportunity:  RiveTrN completes the transporting system, together with the AMR.  The AMR could not transport by itself and RiveTrN could not transport by itself.  Together, they complete a transporting system or they create an inter-warehouse transporting system.



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