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Automated warehouse systemsRiveTrN reduces human labor specific to product picking

Increasing time efficiency and pick accuracy, RiveTrN is about ROI

RiveTrN provides options for integrators so they can leverage their AMR investment.  The industry knows Western Pacific, the reliability of WPSS and, our 2-site manufacturing placement in California and in Kentucky.  They know our excellent lead time, that we have bases that will match the AMRs.  They know about Western Pacific’s precise engineering, customization, and a significantly stronger product than what we see from overseas.

WPSS made boltless shelving before anyone else—we are the original boltless—we have the strength baked into our engineering.

Improved order accuracy, reduced returns and errors, enhanced customer satisfaction, and increased sales – are a vital part of the ROI story.  Faster order processing translates to quicker deliveries and higher customer satisfaction, which can lead to increased revenue over the long term.

Warehouse robotics minimize operational errors, reducing the cost associated with rework and lost productivity, contributing positively to ROI.

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