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Reduce costs with RiveTier®: RiveTier® boltless shelving systems maximize existing square footage economically – all boltless industrial shelving can be easily disassembled by installers and recombined to create extra storage as needed. As the manufacturer of original RiveTier shelving, our two distribution/manufacturing centers offer a wide range of boltless industrial shelving and boltless RiveTier® shelving parts.

Installation costs of boltless steel shelving are 30-40% lower than bolted shelving because rapid assembly requires much less time.

Four-sided Access: Four beam styles to accommodate every storage situation. No sway or cross bracing means employees have four-side access to product.

Effortless Installation: Boltless metal shelving connections facilitate quick, foolproof assembly. All components ship to the job site in a fully-accessorized, compact bundle ready for assembly. Only tool needed is a rubber mallet.

14 Gauge Steel Tough and Versatile: RiveTier® shelving systems can handle long spans and low-profiles. Heavy-duty posts for catwalk applications. Completely freestanding.

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Heavy duty posts available for catwalk systems
Four beam styles handle all capacity requirements
Completely freestanding – no additional support

Thanks so much for expediting our shelving. The industrial look of RiveTier is a perfect fit for a creative organization in Los Angeles.

Angela Glenn
The Institute for Advanced Practices in Advertising

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Due to the success of this project we have had referrals and have installed several similar projects incorporating RiveTier catwalk systems and Industrial Structures work platforms (mezzanines).

Thank you,
John Garwood,
Operations Manager 
Casco Equipment Corporation

Customer Feedback

I know your team went beyond to get this to us during the holiday. We can’t thank you enough for the great service.

Angela Glenn
The Institute for Advanced Practices in Advertising

Customer Feedback

Re our Irvine project, the material looked great, and the delivery was perfect. The install went smoothly and without a hitch. Thanks again for the quick response and the excellent delivery (2 weeks!) on this project. You helped us look great.

Thanks again, Marco A. Garcia
Warehouse Equipment, Inc.

Customer Feedback

Thank you again. We consider everyone at Western Pacific Storage Systems an extension of our company, and we couldn’t do our job well without you.

Leslie A. Equitz, Vice President
Jacmar Shelving, Inc.

Customer Feedback

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RiveTier III

It’s easier than ever to employ Western Pacific’s premier RiveTier® boltless shelving systems. The new RiveTier III® systems are compatible with major boltless products, making integration a snap with existing brands.

The units incorporate seamlessly with other makes, yet retain the RiveTier® product family’s superior engineering.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Boltless shelving systems, offered by Rivetier shelving distributors, offer quick and easy assembly without the need for nuts, bolts, or clips. These systems are highly versatile, allowing for adjustable shelf heights. The design ensures a clean and sleek appearance, free from protruding hardware. Additionally, being sourced from Rivetier shelving distributors guarantees durability and strength, making them suitable for various storage needs, from light to heavy-duty applications.
Boltless industrial shelving specifications typically include its load capacity, shelf material, frame construction, and adjustability. These systems are designed for quick assembly without nuts or bolts, ensuring a clean appearance. The shelving can support varying weights, often ranging from hundreds to thousands of pounds. The adjustability feature allows for customizable shelf heights, catering to diverse storage needs. Always consult the manufacturer's details for precise specifications.
Rivetier shelving is boltless shelving that requires tool-free assembly. While both Rivetier and other boltless steel shelving systems offer easy assembly without nuts or bolts, the primary difference lies in the connection method. Rivetier shelving employs rivets that slide into slots, ensuring a secure fit. Both provide efficient and sturdy storage solutions.
Boltless steel shelving offers several benefits. Firstly, its tool-free assembly ensures quick and hassle-free setup for professionals. The design eliminates the need for nuts and bolts, resulting in a clean sleek appearance. Made of steel, these shelves are durable, resistant to wear, and can support significant weights. Additionally, boltless shelving provides flexibility with adjustable shelf heights, making it versatile for various storage needs, from light-duty to heavy-duty applications.
Rivetier shelving utilizes a unique design where parts connect using rivets and slots, eliminating the need for nuts and bolts. The rivets on the shelf beams fit securely into slots on the vertical posts, allowing for quicker, tool-free assembly. This design ensures a sturdy and stable storage system. The simplicity of Rivetier shelving parts not only facilitates easy installation but also provides flexibility for adjustments and reconfigurations as storage needs evolve.
If you are a professional installer, then yes. One of the advantages of boltless steel shelving is ease of assembly. Using Rivetier shelving parts, the system is designed for quicker, tool-free installation. The rivets and slots mechanism allows for a secure fit without the need for nuts and bolts. While it's possible to install on your own, having an extra pair of hands can make the process smoother, especially for larger units. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for safe and proper assembly.

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