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Employees are a precious asset. And creating a safe working environment for them is just good business for your customers and for you, their material handling solutions provider.

Every time anybody moves above ground level, their chances of an accident increase. So, it’s just good business to create a safe working environment: one where everyone feels sure their every step will be safe and secure.

That’s where Western Pacific Storage Solutions’ SureSTEP product line of custom industrial steel staircase work platforms, gates and railings excel. Our engineering team is renowned for designing efficiently engineered metal mezzanine systems, staircase and storage platforms.

Whenever people need to move above ground level you can rely upon WPSS’ SureSTEP industrial storage mezzanines, steel stairs, work platforms, gates and railings for safe access.

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Work Platforms Industrial Mezzanine Storage Systems)

Double your usable floor space with a two-level work mezzanine storage platform system and optimize your warehouse or industrial space with industrial storage mezzanines.

SureSTEP storage mezzanine platforms are less than 30% of the cost of a new building.

Their rigid frames maintain a right angle between the column and beam, therefore minimizing the effect of impact loads, seismic loads, and accidental overloads, by transferring excessive loads to beam and other columns in a multi-span environment. Our industrial steel mezzanine systems meet all seismic zone and impact resistance requirements.

Western Pacific offers two types of mezzanine storage systems depending upon the application: Hybrid and Structural.  The Hybrid uses formed-galvanized beams with square-structural columns.  The Structural uses structural columns, beams, struts and joists.  If loading requirements exceeds Hybrid, then the Structural Work Platform (industrial mezzanine system) is recommended.


“Thank you for assisting us with our recent catwalk storage system at the Southern California distribution center. Western Pacific did an
outstanding job.”



Thanks, Josh Elgan
Project Manager Conveyor & Storage Solutions

Customer Feedback

Once again your customer service people have gone above and beyond to make things happen for me, and in turn, make me (and WPSS) look good to my customer.

Tim Free
Granite Distribution

Customer Feedback

Just want to let you know that all the work that you folks put into the design and re-designs of our U.S. Post Office platform (mezzanine) really paid off. The dimensions were perfect and everything fit together like a precision Swiss watch; our customer was very satisfied and amazed how smoothly the job went.

Dan De Soto
Sales Consultant, Commercial Shelving, Inc.

Customer Feedback

Your customer service people are fantastic and that we truly appreciate their efforts to always help us – they are a huge reason we continue to do business with WPSS.

Tim Free
Granite Distribution

Customer Feedback

Due to the success of this project we have had referrals and have installed several similar projects incorporating RiveTier catwalk systems and Industrial Structures work platforms (mezzanines).

Thank you,
 John Garwood, Operations Manager
Casco Equipment Corporation

Customer Feedback


Move Up. Not Out.
Realize significant savings by expanding business onto a work platform—instead of moving.


Frequently Asked Questions

A mezzanine storage system is an elevated platform constructed within a building to maximize vertical space. These mezzanine platforms serve as intermediate floors, allowing for additional storage or work areas without expanding the building's footprint. Mezzanine storage systems work by utilizing the overhead space, often supported by steel columns, and can be accessed via stairs or lifts. They efficiently increase storage capacity and can be customized to specific facility needs.
Steel stair manufacturers design and produce staircases, often for integration with structures like mezzanine platforms.They work by assessing the requirements of the mezzanine, ensuring safety standards, and then crafting stairs using durable steel. These stairs provide safe and efficient access to elevated areas such as mezzanine platforms. The manufacturing process involves cutting, welding, and finishing steel to create sturdy and reliable stair solutions tailored to specific industrial needs.
Industrial staircase railing offers safety and stability for workers accessing elevated areas, especially industrial mezzanines. These railings prevent accidental falls, ensuring a secure environment when ascending or descending stairs. Additionally, they provide guidance and support, especially in busy industrial settings. When integrated with industrial mezzanines, the railings enhance the overall safety of the structure, ensuring that operations on these elevated platforms are conducted with low risk.
Storage mezzanine platforms are highly beneficial as they maximize vertical space in warehouses and industrial settings. By utilizing overhead space, these platforms effectively double or even triple the storage area without expanding the building's footprint. This leads to increased storage capacity, better space utilization, and potential cost savings. Additionally, storage mezzanine platforms can be customized to fit specific storage needs, making them a versatile solution for various industries.
Mezzanine storage systems are especially useful in industrial areas as they maximize vertical space, allowing for increased storage or work areas within the same building footprint. Constructed from durable materials, metal mezzanine systems offer a robust and long-lasting solution. They can be tailored to specific storage needs, ensuring efficient space utilization. By elevating storage or workspaces, these systems enhance organization, accessibility, and overall operational efficiency in industrial settings.
Custom industrial steel stairs are designed based on specific facility needs and safety standards. The design process begins by assessing the requirements of the industrial mezzanine systems they'll serve. Factors like height, load capacity, and space constraints are considered. Engineers then draft designs ensuring durability, stability, and compliance with regulations. The custom nature ensures seamless integration with existing or new mezzanine structures, enhancing safety and accessibility.
The timeline to prepare industrial staircase railing varies based on several factors. Typically, steel stairs manufacturers can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending on the project's complexity and customizations. The design, fabrication, and finishing stages, combined with the capacity of the industrial stairs manufacturer, influence the overall preparation time. It's always best to consult directly with the manufacturer for a precise estimate.

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