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Be Safe with Seismically-Tested SureSTEP

Whether walking up a SureSTEP set of stairs, using a SureSTEP crossover, passing through a SureSTEP gate or protected by a SureSTEP railing, with Western Pacific’s SureSTEP factory crossover stairs, you can be sure every step you take, you’re safe.

Stairs and Landings

Stairs, Landings and Crossovers:

Nonskid treads, stringer, landing and handrail can be galvanized.
Options for ADA/Title 24 and EX stairs.

  • Meets and exceeds IBC code
  • IBC is being adopted by most building depts. throughout the country
  • Nominal rise is 7” and the run is 11”
  • Treads are formed-steel diamond plate
  • Two standard widths:  34″ ID and 36″ TD (between handrails)
  • Stair stringer made of formed high-strength steel C-channel
  • Stairs over 12’ tall require an intermediate landing
  • Customization available:  handrail, kickplate and flashing


SureSTEP Crossovers

SureSTEP Crossover – The NEWEST addition to WPSS’ SureSTEP storage solution line
Even the best-designed distribution center can benefit from short cuts from one lane to another. Long conveyor belts efficiently move inventory from one point to another, but people frequently have need to bisect these routes. It’s only human nature that they will be tempted to move under or over these obstacles rather than safely walk around them. The new conveyor crossover stairs allow freer movement with high safety standards.

WPSS’ SureSTEP Crossover system is designed to provide a convenient and safe solution for this very human challenge. Whether the need for factory crossover stairs is to cross a conveyor belt, a forklift thoroughfare, or any obstacle, the SureSTEP Crossover facilitates convenient, safe and efficient progress.




  • Post and sleeve system with 1-5/8″ x 14 gauge galvanized posts welded to 6″ x 6″ x 3/8″ baseplates with four (4) 7/16″ holes for 3/8″ bolts.
  • Rails are 1-5/8″ x 17 gauge galvanized pipe in six foot lengths to be field cut to exact length.
  • Custom powder-coated colors available.
  • Standard or public access.


Swing gates


  • Welded 1-5/8″ galvanized pipe, available in swing or sliding designs.
  • Standard widths are 4′, 5′, 6′ and 8′. Custom sizes and powder-coated colors are available for custom safety swing gates.
  • IBC compliant guardrail.

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