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Be Safe with Seismically-Tested SureSTEP Conveyor Crossover Platforms

Whether walking up a SureSTEP set of conveyor crossover stairs to a SureSTEP platform, using a SureSTEP crossover, passing through a SureSTEP gate or protected by a SureSTEP railing, with Western Pacific’s SureSTEP product line, you can be sure every step you take, you’re safe.

Safety Gates

Factory Crossover Stairs, Landings and Bridges:

Nonskid treads, stringer, landing and handrail can be galvanized.
Options for ADA/Title 24 and EX stairs.

  • Meets and exceeds IBC code
  • IBC is being adopted by most building depts. throughout the country
  • Nominal rise is 7” and the run is 11”
  • Treads are formed-steel diamond plate
  • Two standard widths:  34″ ID and 36″ TD (between handrails)
  • Stair stringer made of formed high-strength steel C-channel
  • Stairs over 12’ tall require an intermediate landing
  • Customization available:  handrail, kickplate and flashing


SureSTEP Crossovers

SureSTEP Crossover Bridges
Even the best-designed distribution center can benefit from short cuts from one lane to another. Long conveyor belts efficiently move inventory from one point to another, but people frequently have need to bisect these routes. It’s only human nature that they will be tempted to move under or over these obstacles rather than safely walk around them. The new conveyor crossover stairs allow freer movement with high safety standards.

WPSS’ SureSTEP Crossover Bridges are designed to provide a convenient and safe solution for this very human challenge. Whether the need for factory crossover stairs is to cross a conveyor belt, a forklift thoroughfare, or any obstacle, the SureSTEP Crossover facilitates convenient, safe and efficient progress.


Work Platforms

WPSS work platforms are produced with: engineering clarity, cubic efficiency and cost effectiveness. Our engineering clarity produces comprehensive engineering documents for a less stressful permitting and construction process. Cubic efficiency improves your facility’s space allocation – build up, not out. The cost effective nature of WPSS work platforms lowers constructions costs often by 3x over new construction.

SureSTEP stairs

SureSTEP roof crossover stairs in safety yellow accessing second level of work platform (mezzanine)


Break RoomsBreak Rooms

A double deck “room within a room” is the perfect option when space is at a premium and a closed or isolated work space is required, such as clean room and climate-controlled environments.

Working with Western Pacific dealers, we provide straight column, rigid frame systems that take the bounce out of floors, making them computer friendly. The added visibility also makes this the perfect supervisor’s office for the factory floor.

(PHOTO LEFT) A work platform (mezzanine) and staircase provided an observation deck for this break room area.


Outdoor canopies


Our outdoor canopies are ideal for providing covered storage space. Galvanized ceiling easily meet environmental requirements. Capacities include 20 psf live load and 70 mph wind load.

Any size canopy can be manufactured by Western Pacific Storage Solutions.

Standard base plates are 12″ sq x 1/2″ thick (with wedge anchors). The Standard roof slope on our canopies is 3/8″ to 12.”




  • Post and sleeve system with 1-5/8″ x 14 gauge galvanized posts welded to 6″ x 6″ x 3/8″ baseplates with four (4) 7/16″ holes for 3/8″ bolts.
  • Rails are 1-5/8″ x 17 gauge galvanized pipe in six foot lengths to be field cut to exact length.
  • Custom powder-coated colors available.
  • Standard or public access.


Swing gates

Industrial Stairway Safety Gates:

        • Welded 1-5/8″ galvanized pipe, available in swing or sliding designs.
        • Standard widths are 4′, 5′, 6′ and 8′. Custom sizes and powder-coated colors are available for custom safety swing gates.
        • IBC compliant guardrail.


Safety Gates

Exhibit Structures

Our pre-engineered, unique exhibit structure design provides minimum components and connections to ensure easy installation. Sleek, lightweight construction makes it easily modified for future trade shows. Exhibit Structures columns are more spread out and do not require cross- or knee-bracing; fewer columns minimizes camouflaged or interrupted views.

Our exhibit structures feature long and open spans and are completely free-standing structures that encourage reconfigurable design practices. Deployment is local to Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco shows and our re-engineered construction methods meet building codes and deliver considerable savings on design costs.

Exhibit Structures
Industrial Structures Solutions

SureSTEP work platform (mezzanine) provide the perfect platform for today’s “over the top” trade show exhibits. They are strong, fast to build and design flexible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Factory crossover stairs are primarily designed to provide safe access over obstacles in industrial settings, such as machinery or pipelines. They ensure efficient movement within the factory floor. On the other hand, conveyor crossover stairs are specifically tailored to cross over conveyor belts or systems, ensuring workers can move safely without disrupting the conveyor's operation or risking injury.
Unlike standard gates, custom swing safety gates are designed with specific operational needs in mind. They can be tailored to fit unique spaces or to address particular safety concerns. Their swinging mechanism ensures controlled access, offering both security and flexibility in industrial or commercial settings.
Factory crossover stairs are built for durability and safety in industrial environments. They typically feature non-slip treads, sturdy handrails, and are constructed from robust materials like steel. Their design ensures they can withstand heavy foot traffic and provide safe elevation over factory floor obstacles, enhancing workflow and reducing potential hazards.

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