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Deluxe: The Heavy Duty Industrial Shelving

Strength for heavy duty steel shelving applications

Western Pacific’s Deluxe heavy duty steel shelving systems often provide the opportunity for expanding operations to consolidate and maximize space, while at the same time keeping an eCommerce entity organized and easily accessible by reconfiguring for constantly changing merchandise SKUs.

Because of Deluxe heavy duty metal shelving, the most cost effective system can be designed and the “right” system can be installed.

Indeed many have said that Western Pacific’s Engineering Department is without peer in the industry. The size and quality of our team is extraordinary. We offer highest quality heavy duty storage shelves and heavy duty commercial shelving solutions.

Wire-guided man-aboard order-picker application: for added strength and durability, Deluxe High Bay applications deliver seismic multi-level systems with lapped and welded shelf corners.

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Here’s why Deluxe enables the most cost-effective outcome:

  • Deluxe Versatility: a variety of heavy duty storage shelves and racks & post configurations make it possible to effectively solve storage issues in the smallest of backroom areas,  the largest of distribution centers and everything in-between.
  • High-performance Capacity: whether you need to support 350 or 1,000 pounds per shelf, “the Original Box Shelf” provides the most appropriate capacity for the job  – be it 24, 22, 20, or 18 gauge. The unique “Original Box” design delivers the enhanced stability you need.
  • Deluxe Expands Easily: when in the future of an organization, storage demands may require cubing a room with cat-walks, 9’ tall Deluxe can be confidently installed today, while leaving room for sprinklers and lights, with the knowledge that Deluxe’s heavy duty commercial shelving will easily expand higher when the time arrives.
  • Deluxe Works in Seismic Areas: very few other heavy duty industrial shelving systems can make this claim.
  • Deluxe Saves Space: The Deluxe Heavy-Duty Steel Shelving System allows the advantage of air space, providing more storage within a smaller footprint.
  • Deluxe Enables Multi-level: one of the key ingredients is the Deluxe high-rise post. In some areas, Deluxe’s heavy duty industrial metal shelving easily supports 4 levels while others stop at 3 levels of shelving.
Deluxe Shelving

Deluxe heavy duty warehouse shelving perfectly combine structural integrity with a clean, aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Deluxe Open Unit Shelf

The Deluxe Open Unit Shelf can respond to seismic activity and works for the most demanding applications.

Western Pacific Accu-Wall Shelving System

The Western Pacific Accu-Wall Shelving System. Accu-Wall integrates with any put-to-light or pick-to-light system obtained from those who manufacture light-directed technology


“Thank you for assisting us with our recent catwalk storage system at the Southern California distribution center. Western Pacific did an outstanding job.”

Thanks, Josh Elgan
Project Manager Conveyor & Storage Solutions

Customer Feedback

Once again your customer service people have gone above and beyond to make things happen for me, and in turn, make me (and WPSS) look good to my customer.

Tim Free
Granite Distribution

Customer Feedback

“Everything was smooth sailing—that’s why we like working with Western—No matter the size job, we use Western Pacific from Alaska to Indiana—just everywhere.”

Thanks, Josh Elgan
Project Manager Conveyor & Storage Solutions

Customer Feedback

Your customer service people are fantastic and that we truly appreciate their efforts to always help us – they are a huge reason we continue to do business with WPSS.

Tim Free
Granite Distribution

Customer Feedback

I know your team went beyond to get this to us during the holiday. We can’t thank you enough for the great service.

Angela Glenn
The Institute for Advanced Practices in Advertising

Customer Feedback

Frequently Asked Questions

Heavy duty industrial shelving is cost-effective because of its durability and longevity. Investing in such shelving reduces the need for frequent replacements due to wear and tear. Additionally, its robust design maximizes storage space, allowing businesses to store more products per square foot. This efficiency not only saves space but also reduces operational costs in the long run, making it a wise investment for many industries.
We have a list of professional installers that can help with comprehensive installation services. They will insure that the shelving is set up correctly, maximizing its efficiency and safety. We believe in providing a complete solution for our clients, from product selection to its seamless installation, ensuring optimal performance of our heavy duty shelving systems, so reach out.
Heavy duty commercial shelving is primarily designed for retail and commercial environments, focusing on aesthetics and customer accessibility. On the other hand, heavy duty industrial shelving, often made from heavy duty steel shelving, prioritizes durability, weight capacity, and resistance to wear. While both types are robust, industrial shelving is built to withstand the rigorous demands of industrial environments, whereas commercial shelving emphasizes display and organization for consumer products.
The capacity of heavy duty storage shelves varies based on design and material, but they are engineered to support significant weights, often ranging from hundreds to several thousand pounds per shelf. Heavy duty industrial shelving is built to accommodate the rigorous demands of industrial environments, ensuring that large volumes of products, equipment, or materials can be stored safely and efficiently. Always refer to the manufacturer's specifications for exact weight capacities.
"Heavy duty steel shelving" offers numerous benefits, including durability, strength, and resistance to wear and tear. Its robust construction ensures it can support substantial weights, making it ideal for storing bulky items. While it's a staple in industrial settings, its versatility extends to heavy duty commercial shelving applications, where it provides reliable storage solutions for businesses, ensuring products are organized, accessible, and displayed effectively.
Heavy duty industrial shelving is designed to support multiple levels, depending on the specific design and material used. Typically, these shelving systems can accommodate anywhere from two to several levels. The exact number of levels supported is determined by factors like load capacity, height of the storage space, and the weight of stored items. Always refer to the manufacturer's specifications to determine the maximum number of levels for a particular shelving system.
Yes, many heavy duty storage shelves are designed to be modular, allowing for easy combination and expansion. By joining multiple units together, users can create a larger, cohesive storage system tailored to their specific needs. This modularity ensures that as storage requirements grow, the shelving system can be seamlessly expanded, providing a flexible and scalable solution for various industrial and commercial settings.

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